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• We highly suggest you use a professional photographer as opposed to taking the photos yourself. A professional will  know how to make you look your best.

• Look directly at the camera. This will help you connect with your prospects on an emotional level. You'll come across looking personable and trustworthy.

 • Take the photo at eye level. This avoids the problem of foreshortening, which tends to make you look heavier.  However, some photos taken below and above eye level can be used as long as they are “full body shots”.

• If you want to be leaning on your name, use a white prop. Please have your arm square to the camera (i.e. your hand shouldn't be closer to the camera than your elbow). Make sure all your fingers are showing.

• Please adjust the height of the support you lean on so it's natural and comfortable for you. In most cases, the idea is NOT to support your weight on the object, but rather to have a level surface on which to place your hands or arms. A surface that is too low will force your body to lean too much toward the camera and make you appear to slouch or slump. It's OK to lean toward the camera a little — in fact it often adds an energetic feel — but too much of a lean will usually look unnatural.


• Wear solid contrasting colors if possible. (ie. navy, red, burgandy, black, etc.) They'll reproduce the best. Since we'll be cutting you out from the white background and printing your photo on a white background, avoid wearing extremely light colors.

• Also avoid fine patterns such as plaid, tweed, or men's dress shirts with thin stripes. Why? We must turn your photo into dot patterns for printing and computer use. Often, these dot patterns combine with the fine patterns in clothing and create obtrusive "moiré" patterns. You don't want moiré patterns in your marketing materials.


If you want to achieve the best results possible and maximize your investment in your personal marketing campaign, don't omit these next few important considerations.

• FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY… If digital photography is your best option, we recommend that you go to a professional photographer who uses a studio grade digital camera [i.e. 5 MegaPixels or more] and proper lighting. Please send us the original [RAW] digital files on CD or ZIP disk in a ".TIFF" or ".EPS" format. Please do NOT send us printed digital photos as they do not scan well. We do like to have a printed proof of the electronic files to aid us in color calibrating you photos to our press.

• USE A WHITE BACKGROUND. Since we'll be removing your image from the photograph background, it's important your photographer uses a white background. We'll still need to trim out the "light gray" areas, but it looks far more natural than if we trim you out of a dark colored background.