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Jack Pratt Signs Color ChartSCREEN PRINTED COLORS
For years, we have printed signs using a silk screen process.  In this process, we lay one color down at a time by forcing ink through a screen mesh.  We then bake the ink on to the sign panel creating a high quality, long lasting sign unit.  This screen printing process is perfect for straight forward sign designs with clear color separations.  This is especially true and cost effective in larger quantities.  

Unlimited Colors with Jack Pratt Signs Digital PrintingTHE DIGITAL DIFFERENCE
The digital process makes complex art possible on  your signage.  Photography, color gradients, half-tones, color accuracy and detail are a breeze.  We print to a durable 3M® controltac vinyl, apply a laminate to seal the colors and then we apply the vinyl to our powder coated steel panel.  Our 6-color digital printing process includes light cyan and light magenta color cartridges to widen the color spectrum.  By using 6-color digital printing, we are able to achieve more accurate flesh tones and better color matching.