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Jack Monte Pratt, a Seabee during World War II, returned to Oklahoma City after the war. Initially, Jack would hand paint signs for the local Piggly Wiggly.  Soon he built a relationship with a local advertising firm, and would fulfill orders for Oilfield Well and Safety signs  He and his wife, Pauline, would work together on deciding what type of material to use, including the gauge of steel, paint applications, and curing methods.  Together, they realized that in order to provide a sign that needs to last "at least the length of the life of the oilwell", the choice of materials should never be compromised.  Enamel ink was used in a silk screen process to apply the graphics on the sign and they used their own kitchen oven to cure the ink - ensuring a long lasting, outdoor durable product.  Over the years, the business survived lean years in the oil and gas industry and has continued to grow in the real estate industry. Today, we use a powder coating method to apply the background colors on all steel signs while the screen printing process maintains at the heart of our production.

Around 1967, Jennie Pratt Penner, the daughter of Jack and Pauline began working at "the shop", to which it is commonly referred to today.  Jennie brought to the shop the same creative know-how to the business as her father did.  Hand cut stencils from hand drawn graphics were, at the time the only way to develop custom graphics.  Both Jack Sr. and Jennie would spend hours upon hours designing custom signs, by hand, until the customer was completely satisfied.  Jennie's brother, Jack Sterling Pratt joined the family business around 1972 and as a family with just a handful of employees, they managed to take a traditional "ma and pa" shop to a thriving corporation that provides oilfield well and safety signs and real estate signs across the country, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

Today, Jack Pratt Signs is managed under it's third generation:  Monte Pratt, Jay and Pete Penner and Greg Waters.