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12X18 Stock Coroplast 12x18 Stock Coroplast
Base Pricing
all prices in USD

Description x1
18x24 Mini Frame for Open House Panels 18.99 16.99
30x24 Standard Frames 22.99 19.99
18x24 and 24x24 and 18x30 Standard Frames 19.99 17.99
24x36 Standard Frame 29.99 25.99
24x24 EZ Rider Frames 27.99 24.99
30x24 EZ Rider Frames 29.99 25.99
Angle Iron Stake - 42 7.49 6.99
Wire Stakes - 10x30 Silver for Corrugated Plastic Panels 1.99 0.99
Wire Stakes - 10x15 Silver for Corrugated Plastic Panels 1.79 0.89
Wire Stakes - 6x37 Black Heavy Duty for Corrugated Plastic Panels 5.99 4.99
Description x1
18x24 Swinging A-Frame 19.99
18x24 Angle A-Frame (requires 2 SF panels) 29.99
18x24 EZ Rider Frames 24.00
Frames & Posts
We have two (2) popular styles of signs frames:
EZ Rider and Standard.

EZ Rider Frames have spring clips welded to the frame for easy installation of riders that do not require the use of hardware.

Standard Frames can use riders with the use of hardware.  All hardware for installing riders on Standard Frames are available for free.

Premier Frames are made from two inch square tube steel, powder coated and may be customized to fit your needs.  EZ Rider clips are included for riders and decorative finials are added to the top of each post for a high end appearance.  

Colonial Posts are made from white vinyl, include all hardware and a ground anchor for installation without digging holes.

42" Angle Iron Stakes are for use with 9x24" directional panels

Wire Stakes
are for use with 12x18 and 18x24 corrugated plastic sign panels